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There are seven horses in the Equestrian department of Jumbocircus. All ofthem are performers. They have healthy and dynamic bodies which add to their majestic appearance. Ideal for Cossack riding performance with Russian artistes. They bring life to the ring by their lively performance.They can go faster than a car. Thirty-year old Tarzan is the eldest in the group. Seven-year old Sultan has a striking appearance because of his milky white complexion.Ten-year old Geetha, one and half-year old Karan, six-year old Raja and six-year old Deepak are the other horses in the group. In the morning the Horse generally have chana(grams) atta flour. At 1.00 in the afternoon they are given carrots and grass. In the evening at around 7.00 pm milk with raw egg and oxylates are also given. At 8.00 in the night thick chapathies with jaggery and ghee are given to them. The thirty-year old Hobra is an exotic hybrid of a horse and a zebra. This was given as a gift by the Great Oriental circus. The Camels hate rain and the cool climate. They are very happy in places with more humidity, the neem leaves is their favourite. They are given fenugreek with gramflour. Five-year old Jyothi, one-year old Geetha and five-year old Savithri are the three camels. The dog is a subspecies of the wolf a mammal. Dogs are considered to be the most loyal and hence they have a unique rapport with humans. It is note worthy that people in general enjoy the most during the Dog act in the Circus. The dog family in the Circus has the following breed; Pomeranian, Dalmatian, Bond, Russian Poodle and Dash. The Persian cat family consists of two parents and the remaining kitten. All the animals are well-fed, healthy and looked after by a regular Vet.