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Garlanding Former Cheif Minister of Kerala E.M.S.Namboothiripad
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M.V.Shankaran recieving the Lifetime achievement award from Sunil Dutt Former Union Minister of Sports and Culture,also seen Capt.C.P.Krishnan Nair, Chairman, LEELA Group Top


Moorkoth Vengakandy Shankaran popularly known as Gemini Shankarettan was born on 13th June1924 in Kollassery, Tellicherry. His father Raman Kavanassery was a school teacher who hailed from Pinarayi in Tellicherry. His mother Moorkoth Vengakandy Kalyani hailed from Kavumbhagam in Tellicherry.Krishnan,Kannan, Narayanan,Kunhiraman, Lakshmi. and Balan are his siblings. He had his initial school education from Kavumbhagam high school, Tellicherry. During his younger days he used to actively participate in political rallies with his elder brother Moorkoth Kunhiraman, a renowned Marxist leader.This enterprising young lad from a simple rural area left school in his 7th std to start a retail shop in Tellicherry town. He quit his business as the passion to serve his country assumed highest priority and he plunged into military service.
After the Second world war, he joined the Circus training school under the guidance of M.K. Raman, popularly known as Moosari Kandi Raman Teacher. He joined the Boselion circus in Kolkatta as a trapeze and horizontal bar artiste. Later he worked with the Great Rayman Circus, owned by Kallan Gopalan, which was one of the largest in those days.

He along with K.Sahadevan started the Gemini circus on Aug 15, 1951 and the rest is history! He led our country's delegation to the World Circus festival held in 1964, in Moscow, Soochi and Yalta. The entire delegation was given diplomatic visas by the Govt. of India. This unique recognition was bestowed as an honour for being rated as the most enchanting troupe in India. The Gemini International Circus was founded by M.V. Shankaran,K.P.Hemraj, late T.P.Narayanan and P.Gopinath. The gala opening at Cuffe Parade, Lusaka City, Zambia was attended by distinguished dignitaries like President Kenneth Kaunda and the Prime Minister of Zambia.He was also a partner in Apollo, Vahini and Grand Jumbo Circus. He started the Jumbo Circus on Oct 2nd 1977. Presently he is the CEO of Palmgrove Heritage Retreat, Kannur. Has an active social life and is well known in the Kannur Corporate circle. Member of the Director Board of Lions Club of Tellicherry, Governing body of North.Malabar Chamber of Commerce and chief Patron of Thunchat Acharya Vidyalayam at Chovva, Kannur. His wife, V.P.Shobhana, an advocate, is the niece of V.P.Chintan, a renowned Marxist leader. His eldest son, Ajay Shankar, is the Managing Partner of Jumbo, Gemini and The Great Royal Circus. His younger son , Ashok Shankar, is also a partner of Jumbo, Gemini and The Great Royal Circus. His only daughter is settled overseas.