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The Jumbo Circus was founded by  M.V.Shankaran. The inaugural show was held at Dhanapur, Bihar on October 2nd 1977. This company is now presently managed by the sons of M.V.Shankaran namely Ajay Shankar and Ashok Shankar. 

Distinguished leaders of our country, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, E. M. S. Namboodiripad,Jyothi Basu, N.T. Rama Rao and E. K. Nayanar were among those who had witnessed the show over a period of time.Innovative and remarkable presentation has indeed been the USP for the consistency and popularity of the Jumbo Circus which is the largest Circus company in India. The Jumbo Circus has two units with around 350 employees which including male artistes, female artistes, Administrative and  support staff. There are certain important factors that has made Jumbo the best Circus in India. It has been voted as the most popular and entertaining Circus of India in terms of the audience preference and quality rating all over India by an independent panel of the art lovers of our country.

The second unit of Jumbo Circus was inauguarated by  M. A. Baby former Minister of Education, Govt. of Kerala on 21. 08. 2010 at Peeranki Maidanam, Kollam.  A compact troupe, which is tailored to modern day management requirements. This professionally ,managed unit is a fusion of the best acrobatics and creative talent , It is unique, with a sense of elegance and a distinct ambience in the environ to give you a never before experience!

The African Troupe includes 8 members, Team leader  Anthoni Maxmilian Nchimbi,  Salum Maganga Makamba, Maulidi Abassi Mnyikondo, Khalid Ramadhan Ngemba, Moses Joseph Ndomba, Rajabu Abdallah Mushi, Omari Ally Omari, Athumani Ibrahim Masawe . The Acrobatic  Acts they perform include the following:

                1. Formation of Human Pyramids - Pyramids are formations abstracted from the wild habitual levity, this demonstrates swiftness, endurance, power, speed and perseverance to form Human Pyramids - in between semi-pyramids, moves performed in two, three of four acrobatics. 2 - Limbo Dance and Fire Eating - Dances performed under burning fire accompanied by traditional African Music with background wild animals cries. 3. Pole Acrobatics-  The Artists climb  up and down two poles in different styles and jump from one pole to another. The speed and dexterity of the performers during this act is  remarkable. The background music of the popular Shakira song with their scintillating performance has the entire audience in total rapture.  

Other  acts include Russian Stick Balance, 3 Eye Spring Net, Vertical Swinging Acrobat, Russian Rope Balance, Asman ke Farishtey, Akash Yathra and Comic Chair Acrobat.   

The Macaw is a rare parrot found in the Brazilian forests. The Cockatoos is a rare bird found in Australia. The Macaw plays a seasaw balance with two Cockatoos on either side. One Cockatoos rides a cycle on a rod with another in tow, pecks with a beak and rides a chariot on the ring floor to the amazement and enjoyment of children.

Daily 3 shows: 1 P.M., 4 P.M., 7 P.M.
Partners: Ajay Shankar,  Ashok Shankar